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IBM pSeries 680 (7017-S85)     + Add to Wish List
Model Highlights 7017-S85
  • 64-bit system scalability
  • 6-way, 12-way, 18-way, or 24-way -- packaged on four processor cards (six RS64 III or RS64 IV processors per card)
  • 4-way configuration available via CUoD (600 MHz processors only)
  • 450 MHz or 600 MHz system processors
  • 16 MB of L2 ECC cache for each 600 MHz RS64 IV processor
  • 8 MB of L2 ECC cache for each 450 MHz RS64 III processor
  • Expandability and reliability
  • System memory expandable from 2 GB to 96 GB of ECC SDRAM
  • Multiple I/O racks can be attached
  • Up to four Model S85 I/O drawers per server
  • Each I/O drawer supports 14 33 MHz PCI bus slots (five 64-bit and nine 32-bit) and 12 disks that can be hot plugged
  • Capacity Upgrade on Demand for processor growth
  • Ultra SCSI, SSA, and FCAL interfaces supported
  • 32-bit and 64-bit applications support