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At Clockhouse we take pride in our technical knowledge within the field of the product we supply. Our sales department is fully trained and can offer advice helping you towards the best value solution. Give us a call for:

Full Systems
Provide us with your specific requirement and our sales staff will advise and configure the system for you.
CPU Upgrades
Not satisfied with your current system performance? We can provide you with the CPU upgrade to solve the problem. Contact our sales department who will provide the upgrade options and potential performance uplift you will expect. We could also take your old processor back in part exchange.
Memory Upgrades
The obvious way to improve system performance is to increase memory. Provide us with your current memory configuration and our sales staff can advise you of the upgrade possibilities. We can usually deliver and install within 2 to 3 days.
Disk Upgrades
Need more storage? We carry an extensive stock of internal disk units and external disk subsystem. Call our Sales Department with your requirement.
Backup Solutions - Tape Drives and Scalable Libraries
Looking to backup from 8Gb to 498Pb? We have the solution for you. We offer internally mounted tape units; external stand alone Tape Units and Large Enterprise Tape Libraries. Please call our sales department with your back up requirement and they will advise you of the best solution.